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ST596 | Harmonics Analog Saturation Processor and Tape Emulator

The ST596 is an Analog Harmonics Processor dedicated for professional music producers and studio engineers.

The ST596 adds harmonics and saturation to any music material providing the full control of the harmonics amount and the Dry and Wet signal level.

Summing Mixers

SM2558 | Fully Featured Stereo Summing Mixer

The SM2558 is an Active Stereo Discrete Summing Mixer unit which fits in a single 500 rack space.

The SM2558 has a total of 10 active balanced summing inputs which can be used to mix any music material in the Outside-the-Box Analogue Domain.

The Direct Monitoring feature helps to save the outputs of an audio interface and provides seamless workflow without the latency!

The stereo summing bus section is based on the Discrete Operational Amplifiers made with NOS transistors.




Colour Processors

Colour Processors can be used with Colour Modules to add analog saturation to line level signals.

Colour Preamps

Colour Preamps can be used with Colour Modules to achieve high quality recording and vintage tone.

Colour Modules

Colour Modules – Real Analog Plugins!

Colour Modules are Hardware Analogue Plugins made with NOS Discrete Components and Valves which add pleasing harmonics and subtle saturation to the signal, delivering the sonic results of the Vintage Studio Equipment for a fraction of the Price!


Solid State Line Colour Modules

British Line Colour Modules

Tube Colour Modules

Other Colour Modules



What are the Colour Modules?