HRK | Hand Made Analog Recording Equipment

Our goal is to deliver high-performance studio gear to music enthusiasts worldwide for an affordable price.

We believe that being creative is the natural right of everyone. Not just a lucky few who have a lot of money to spend on the expensive studio equipment.

We design and build analog studio equipment. All our products are handmade in-house with the selected components.

Every single product is carefully tested with Audio Precision test equipment before shipping to ensure hassle-free operation.

Low Price and Best Quality!

We sell directly from our online shop to reduce the price of our products.

Because the distributor fees may cost 30% of the product’s final price, we decided to cut out the middle man and transfer the saving to our customers!

Fast Worldwide Shipping.

After testing our products with Audio Precision test rig we ship orders with UPS/FedEx/TNT Express delivery service.

So far more than 90% of our orders were shipped within one working day after the purchase!

About Bart HRK – The company founder

Bart Hrk is an Analogue Design Engineer with extensive knowledge in designing analog studio recording equipment based on discrete transistors and thermionic valves.

He is the IPC-CID (Certified Interconnect Designer) since 2014. He gained his skills during many years of designing professional audio products as a freelancer and while working for some of the well-known companies in the pro-audio industry.

During that time he amassed his professional experience in developing projects from the product specification initial concept, through the prototyping stage towards manufacturing and mass production.

His overall know-how includes designing bespoke analog audio circuitry, audio transformers, PCB layout development, hardware development, prototyping, and project management.

Professional Career History:

FOCUSRITE Audio Engineering LTD – High Wycombe, Bucks

Position: Design Engineer | R&D

Projects: ISA2 Microphone Preamplifier, RED1 500 Microphone Preamplifier

AMS-NEVE LTD – Burnley, Lancashire

Position: Analogue Design Engineer | R&D

Projects: 1073LB Microphone Preamplifier, 2264 Compressor