Colour Modules


True Analogue Hardware Plugins!


What are the Colour Modules?

The Colour Modules are the miniature hardware plugins which provide a variety of different tone flavours by altering or saturating the signal. Each Colour Module is different and uniquely impacts the sound. Some Colour Modules are made with NOS Discrete Components and Valves adding the harmonics to the signal, while other Colours are fully functional Equalizer or Compressor.

Can I use the HRK Colour Modules with Colour Preamps made with other manufacturers?

YES. As long as the preamp or processor is compatible with the DIYRE Colour Format.

Can use the colour modules from other manufacturers in the HRK Colour Preamps or HRK Colour Processors?

YES. As long as the colour modules are compatible with the DIYRE Colour Format.

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What are the Colour Modules?

Solid State Line Colour Modules

The Solid State Line are the studio grade Colour Modules designed to deliver the tone and sound of the Classic British large format console.

British Line Colour Modules

The British Line colours are inspired by the famous British microphone preamp and the studio console.

Tube Colour Modules

Other Colour Modules