How to Use and Install DIYRE Colour Format Modules

This manual explains how easily and safely install the colour modules into the Colour Processor or Preamp. Although the task seems to be trivial many first-time users struggle with this process. The incorrect installation of the colour modules may cause problems with the operation of the colour products and in severe cases can lead to the irreversible damage of the Colour Processor or Preamp.

The Colour Module Standoff / PCB Post

The colour module post is necessary to install and secure the position of the colour module in the colour slot of the colour preamp or processor. The colour module post has a special design which is essential for the correct use (the installation or swapping) of the colour module. Please take a moment and study the picture below.

The one side of the plastic post has a locking head which should be installed in the colour module. Each colour module requires 4 plastic standoffs/posts. The smooth side of the post should snap-in to the processor PCB mounting holes.

Each colour module should have its own set of 4 plastic standoffs installed and not removed from the colour module PCB mounting holes. It is essential for the safe and easy installation or swapping of the colour modules from slot to slot or to another colour processor.

The removing of the colour module from the colour processor is far easier when the above rule is followed. It also prevents from using excessive force during the module installation and removal.

The colour module receptacle/socket is fragile and can be damaged if the colour module installed incorrectly.

How to Instal the Colour Modules – Step-by-Step Instruction

1. Remove the Colour Module and the plastic standoffs from packaging

2. Determine which side of the standoff has the locking head

3. Insert the locking head into the colour module PCB mounting hole

4. Repeat the above step for each plastic standoff

5. Align the colour module header and the plastic post with the colour processor slot as shown on the picture below

6. Gently press-in the colour module using two hands, pressing each standoff of the module at the same time. The module should easily snap-in.

Do not use to much force! If you fill that the module does not snap-in make sure that the module is aligned correctly or check the correct installation of the plastic standoffs.

IMPORTANT. Do not push-in the module only from one side during the installation. It will create the angle between 8 pin module header and the PCB colour receptacle which can bend the colour receptacle pins or in severe cases damage the receptacle. Always apply the force equally from both sides of the colour module!

How to remove the Colour Modules

Grab the colour module with two hands, on each corner and pull-out the module upwards with force applied equally, perpendicular to the surface of the PCB.

DO NOT wiggle the colour module! It may damage the colour processor receptacle/socket.

How to Use Colour Modules – Video