80’S Tape Driver

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80’S Tape Driver | Tape Saturation Mastering Colour Module

  • Inspired by the Studio Tape Recorder
  • Emulates the Tape Saturation and Compression
  • Optional Resonant Low-End Frequency Bump
  • NOS Integrated Circuit from 80’s
  • Combination of Germanium and Silicon Diodes
  • NOS Class A Discrete Output Stage
  • Adds Harmonics and Details
  • Compatible with DIYRE Colour Format

The 80’S Tape Driver emulates the saturation, the frequency response and the compression of the classic tape recorder.

The soft-clipping circuits add a combination of subtle harmonics, warmth and enhance the details of the processed music material.

The 80’S Tape Driver uses NOS, metal case integrated circuit made in ’80s, creating the more authentic tonal results.

The LBOOST jumpers enable the optional resonant Low-End frequency bump which boosts the bass by approx. 2dB and produces more authentic tape recorder results.

The 80’S Tape Driver adds the natural compression effect to any signal and recording. Enhance the details and transients. Works also as a simple peak limiter, rounding down any spikes of level which is very helpful during the recording with the digital audio interface.

The 80’S Tape Driver is perfect for Tracking and Mastering and it can be used with the C544 or C2584 Signal Processors

Sound Samples

Acoustic Guitar:

      Acoustic Guitar DRY
      Acoustic Guitar | Less Drive
      Acoustic Guitar | Less Drive + 80'S BAX EQ
      Acoustic Guitar | More Drive
      Acoustic Guitar | More Drive + 80'S BAX EQ

Electric Guitar:

      Electric Guitar DRY
      Electric Guitar | Less Drive
      Electric Guitar | Less Drive + 80'S BAX EQ
      Electric Guitar | Less Drive
      Electric Guitar | Less Drive + 80'S BAX EQ

Base Track:

      Base Track DRY
      Base Track | Less Drive
      Base Track | Less Drive + 80'S BAX EQ
      Base Track | More Drive
      Base Track | More Drive + 80'S BAX EQ


      Drums DRY
      Drums | Less Drive
      Drums | Less Drive + 80'S BAX EQ

Female Vocal:

      Female Vocal DRY
      Female Vocal | Less Drive
      Female Vocal | Less Drive + 80'S BAX EQ

HRK Colour Modules – True Analogue Plugins!

Colour Modules are Hardware Analogue Plugins made with NOS Discrete Components and Valves which add pleasing harmonics and subtle saturation to the signal, delivering the sonic results of the Vintage Studio Equipment for a fraction of the Price!

Each Colour Module is different and uniquely impacts the sound. You can use the Colour Modules for Recording, Tracking and Mastering.

What benefit I will get from Colour Modules?

The modern DAW systems can produce great results, but most of the sound engineers and music producers will admit that the mix produced with DAW is missing something… some special ingredient, which is the analogue magic.

This is why the big recording studios have racks filled with vintage preamps, compressors and equalizers. The HRK Colour Modules are real Analogue Plugins which will help you to make better recording and mixes standing out from the crowd.

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