C572 Parallel Saturation Colour Processor

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C572 | Mono Parallel Colour Processor with Smart EQ

  • Parallel Operation with Blend Knobs
  • 2 Band EQ with 2 Frequency Settings
  • 3 Colour Modules Slots
  • 1:1 Ratio Gain/Trim Colour Drive Circuit
  • +20dB Colour Drive Gain Range
  • Bypass Switch for Each Colour Modules
  • Blend DRY/WET Feature for 2 Colour Modules
  • Parallel Mode for 2 Colour Modules
  • High-Quality ALPS Potentiometers
  • Studio-Grade Low Noise Opamps
  • Balanced Input
  • Balanced Output
  • Compatible with DIYRE Colour Format
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The C572 is a Mono Parallel Saturation Processor with three Colour Module slots, designed to process the sound with the use of Colour Modules adding subtle harmonics to the signal, similar to the harmonics added by the vintage studio equipment.

Each Saturation Colour Module stage has Drive/Trim circuit with 1:1 Ratio potentiometer. As a result, the colour module drive level increases while the output level remains the same.

Colour Module 1 and Colour Module 2 have the MIX knob which provides the Blend function between the DRY and the WET signal.

The Blending is linear and in the middle position, the DRY/WET signal ratio is 50/50.

The third Colour Slot has only the Drive/Trim knob. It is placed as a series stage in the signal path, after the colour 1 and colour 2 which can be blended in parallel.

For more information please refer to the signal flow diagram.

Each Colour Module stage has the Bypass Switch which allows the easy A/B operation.

The Smart EQ

The C572 Smart EQ is an innovative 2 bands shelf EQ which can boost or cut the LF and HF simultaneously using only one knob.

When bosted, the Smart EQ will produce the smile curve, enhancing the tone produced by the colour modules. The smile curve is the most common way to improve the tone of any signal.

The Smart EQ circuit is built with independent LF and HF section eliminating the risk of any unwanted interactions between the bands.

The Smart EQ is musical and easy to use. It can boost or cut up to +/-8dB providing an ideal resolution for applying the EQ effect.

The Smart EQ has two frequency setting for each band. The frequency can be selected with onboard jumpers.

LF: 80Hz/160Hz, HF: 6kHz/10kHz

C572 Signal Flow Diagram

The picture below shows the simplified signal flow diagram for C572 Processor. It is important to understand how C572 operates. Please read the User Manual before operating the C572. Click the picture to enlarge.

Blending and Parallel Summing

The C572 has a unique configuration of two parallel independent colour signal paths.

Colour Module 1 and 2 have independent Drive/Trim knob which sets the level of saturation and the Mix knob which blends between the DRY and WET signal.

Such configuration allows to set very accurately the amount of harmonics.

Signals from Colour 1 and Colour 2 mixed in the onboard summing circuit and passed to third Colour Module.

Please read the User Manual before using the C572!

If you experiencing weird phase or level results while using the Blend Knob, it means that you didn’t read or didn’t follow the user manual!

Active Low Noise Colour Drive Circuit

The C572 has an active Gain Control Circuit. The first half of the Gain/Trim Dual Potentiometer is actively changing the Drive Gain.

Less Drive = less Gain, which means less noise in the background.

Other designs may use a fixed gain drive circuitry, which produces much higher noise floor levels. If more than one fixed gain stages are combined in series, the noise may become audible.

C572 will always deliver the lowest possible noise floor level. The C572 was designed from the beginning to be used by professionals in demanding studio applications.

Louder Than Liftoff Mister Focus vs HRK C572 – Comparison Table

LTL Mister Focus HRK C572
Number of Colour Modules 2 3
Blending DRY/WET – Colour Modules 1 2
Drive Range -6db / + 18dB 0 / +20dB
EQ Type Tilt EQ 2 Bands Smart EQ
Input Electronic Balanced Electronic Balanced
Output Electronic Balanced Electronic Balanced

Louder Than Liftoff Mister Focus vs C572 Saturation Processor – Comparison Page – Read More ->

The C572 is fully compatible with the DIYRE Colour Format and The DIYRE Colour Modules. All DIYRE Colour Modules are compatible with the C572.

User Manual:

Please read the User Manual before the use of the C572.

C572 Use Manual


The Main FAQ Section

Read more about the Colour Modules Idea – Colour FAQ Section


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Input impedance: 10kOhm

Output impedance: 100R

Phase inverse: none

Gain: 0dB

All HRK Colour Modules are fully compatible with DIYRE Colour Format

All HRK Colour Processor and Preamps fully compatible with DIYRE Colour Format

All HRK 500 products are fully compatible with API 500 Format

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