Soviet Pentode Colour Module

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Soviet Pentode | USSR NOS Tube Pentode Colour Module

  • Thermionic Valve Saturation Colour Module
  • Class A Operation
  • Pentode / Triode Mode
  • NOS Military Grade USSR Tube
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Low Voltage – Safe to Use
  • On-Board Regulator and Filters
  • Compatible with DIYRE Colour Format

The Soviet Pentode is a true Class A tube saturation Colour Module. The Soviet Pentode is built with sub-miniature, military-grade, USSR made, NOS thermionic valve.

The Soviet Pentode can operate in Triode or the Pentode Mode. Each mode offers different Saturation characteristic which results in different tonal results.

The Triode Mode has lower gain, produces mainly second harmonics and the sound is warmer, more mellow.

The Pentode Mode delivers 3dB higher gain, overdrives much quicker, produces more of 3rd and 5th harmonics and the sound is more bright and crisp.

Both Operation Modes add natively occurring tube compression.

The Module does not use any DC/DC converter and does not contain dangerous high voltage.

Low-Power Miniature Valve

The Soviet Pentode Colour Module uses the Low-Power NOS Military Valve designed for operation in Low-Voltage conditions.

No under-voltage of the Tube is happening. The Soviet Pentode valve works according to the specification sheet producing a rich palette of harmonics.

Important User Note!

The Soviet Pentode requires time to heat-up. Allow 5 minutes wait time to ensure proper operation of the Tube Colour Module.

HD Audio Samples

      Stranger Synth - Dry
      Stranger Synth - Soviet Pentode - Triode Mode | More Drive
      Stranger Synth - Soviet Pentode - Triode Mode + Discrete Line Driver | More Drive
      Stranger Synth - Soviet Pentode - Pentode Mode + Discrete Line Driver | More Drive
      E-piano - Dry
      E-piano - Soviet Pentode - Triode Mode | More Drive
      E-piano - Soviet Pentode - Pentode Mode | More Drive
      E-piano - Soviet Pentode + Discrete Line Driver - Pentode Mode | More Drive
      Drums - Dry
      Drums - Soviet Pentode - Pentode Mode | More Drive
      Drums - Soviet Pentode + Discrete Line Driver - Pentode Mode | More Drive
      Track Mastering - Dry
      Track Mastering - Soviet Pentode - Pentode Mode
      Track Mastering - Soviet Pentode + Discrete Line Driver - Pentode Mode

The US Pentode Compared to the Soviet

The US Pentode Colour Module shares some similarities with the Soviet Pentode Colour Module. Both Colour Modules have the Pentode/Triode selectable operation mode and can operate at lower, safe voltage without sacrificing the performance.

The difference is in the type of tonal results which both tube colour modules can provide.

The Soviet Pentode produces darker and a bit lo-fi tone, especially in the Triode mode. If you are looking for an old-school sound for your synth or vocal, the Soviet Pentode is a perfect choice.

The US Pentode will produce more “Hi-Fi” tone, brighter, with a glass-like shine. If you wish to add some sparkles to the guitar or vocal, you should choose the US Pentode.

Learn more about the US Pentode ->

HRK Soviet Pentode vs LTL Pentode Colour Module

Colour Module

HRK Soviet Pentode

LTL Pentode Colour Module

USSR NOS Pentode NOS Raytheon 6418
Pentode Mode
Yes Yes
Triode Mode
Yes No
Discrete Components
Yes No
Integrated Circuits
No Yes

Comparison between LTL Pentode Colour Module and the Soviet Pentode Colour Module – read more.

Soviet Pentode Colour Module

I took a moment to try them on stems. The Soviet Pentode is amazing!

Perfect to add that tube amp like breakup on a clean guitar track for example.

The Line Driver seemed to be the cleanest of all three.

I definitively need to try the different jumper configurations. Would be interested to have your opinion on this one!


How to Use and Install DIYRE Colour Format Modules

HRK Colour Modules – True Analogue Plugins – FAQ

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Input impedance: 10kOhm

Output impedance: 100R

Phase inverse: none

Gain: 0dB

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